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Genre:Punk Rock,Hardcore Punk,Post Hardcore

Canadian punk rock legends DOA formed shortly after the punk explosion moved throughout the world. With scenese sprouting up in New York, LA, and other places, it was only a matter of time before Canada had it's own punk scene going. Lead by Joey Shithead, DOA set out to revolutiuonlize the scene in their country and their neighbours south of the border. Shithead was never afriad to express his political opinions, and it landed him in jail once. DOA later went on to colaporate on one of Jello Biafra's first outings after DK, releasing Last Scream of the Missing Neighbours with Jello on vocals instead of Shithead. Shithead took another cue from Jello, and entered himself into politics, running as a canidate in Canadian provincial and civic elections from the Green Party. Shithead has also released his own book, entitled I, Shithead and DOA has recently gotten their own day in their home province of British Colombia.


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