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Album Of The Month=Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables:Dead Kennedys

Artist:Dead Kennedys
Genre:Hardcore Punk
Label:Faulty Products, Alternative Tentacles
Producer:Norm, East Bay Ray

When Jello Biafra answered East Bay Ray's advert in a local music paper few could have predicted the outcome would be the greatest punk album of all time. Fresh Fruit is a half-hour minute rollercoaster ride through the harsh underbelly of the american dream. From the bouncy Let's Lynch The Landlord, to the barely controlled chaos of Chemical Warfare, from the classic Faux-fascist anthem California Uber Alles to the haunting screech of the timeless Holiday In Cambodia, this album delivers. The songs are often gloriously offensive such as I Kill Children and Kill The Poor but all contain the bitter sarcastic edge of Jello's lyrics which are perfectly complimented by Ray and Klaus' guitar work. This is an album that sounds like it was written for a forthcoming apocalypse or mental breakdown, the perfect mix between the minimalism of In God We Trust Inc and the expansiveness of Frankenchrist where all the songs can provoke, educate and make you want to rock out like a crazy fool. The best punk album of all time and definitely not one for the idiots.


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