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Song of the Week=The Ramones:Sheena Is a Punk Rocker

Artist:The Ramones
Genre:Punk Rock
LP:Rocket to Russia
Writers:The Ramones(Joey Ramone)
Producer:Tommy Ramone, Tony Bongiovi
"Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" is a song by the punk rock group the Ramones. It first appeared on their third LP, in 1977,Rocket to Russia, and was also included on later pressings of the group's second album, Leave Home. It was released as a single, reaching #81 in the US, and #22 in the UK singles charts, backed with "I Don't Care", which was also included on Rocket to Russia.The song was written by Joey Ramone, and is one of the Ramones' more popular and enduring songs, showing the band's surf rock influences.

The song is ranked #457 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

The song appears in the Stephen King movie Pet Semantary. The song is adapted by the Horrors with their similarly titled song "Sheena is a Parasite".

"Danny Says" on the Ramones 1980 album, End of the Century, includes the lyrics, "Listening to Sheena on the radio".

The song inspired a poem, also called "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker", by Robert Archambeau.

One of the Living Dead Dolls is named Sheena, and is depicted in punk clothing, a reference to the song.


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