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Song Of The Week:Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off.

Genre:Hardcore Punk.

"Nazi Punks Fuck Off" was the fifth single by the Dead Kennedys. The record was released in 1981 on Alternative Tentacles with "Moral Majority" as the b-side. Both are taken from the In God We Trust, Inc. EP, although the version of the title track on the EP is a different recording from the single version.
The single release included a free armband with a crossed-out swastika. The design has since become associated with both the Dead Kennedys and the anti-racist punk movement.
British music newspaper Melody Maker reviewed the EP in its "Single of the Week" section and observed: "And fuck off the Nazi punks surely will when they hear this being played at them!"

Jello Biafra:"This song is not an anti-skinhead song or an anti-mowhakian song or an anti-hippe song or nothing. Switch inside your head and count! This is an anti-racist song, anti-violence song."


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