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Genre:Hardcore Punk, Post Punk, Experimental Rock,
Post Hardcore, Thrashcore

Refused was a Swedish hardcore punk band from Um ea, Sweden. Refused formed in early 1991 with Dennis, David, Kristofer and Jon. The band never found a permanent bass player. To date, the band released five EPs and three albums, before splitting up in 1998.
Refused broke up in late 1998. Some believe this happened as a result of a depletion of creative energy and band members wanting different things.There was also conflict between Dennis and the rest of the band. Band members stated that their first shows after the release of "Shape of Punk to Come" were emotionally devastating and that their final tour was an awful experience. The band eventually cancelled the tour and announced their splitting-up. Their last performance of their United States tour was played in a friend's basement but was shut down by police.


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